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Posted on: March 11, 2009 9:05 am
Edited on: March 11, 2009 9:05 am

Give me the Heavyweights

I know I know I know...Cinderella strolls into the ball and steals the night...I get it. It is exciting to watch David beat Goliath. Exciting for about 10 minutes but then you realize the next game. You know that David can't possibly do it twice, three times or even a 4th! It ruins the tourney. I don't want to see Cleveland State in the Sweet 16. I don't want to see Western Kentucky in the Final Four. I want to see the Heavy weights and not the one year wonders who get on a hot streak. I know I am in the minority here. I know I will be criticized but I want to see the teams who have established themselves for years. I want Ohio St. vs Duke, UNC vs UCLA, Michigan St. vs Oklahoma! That makes for a great tourney! I have stated this before and to the dismay of many...Gonzaga is overrated because of their Cinderella status. I think they are slowly establishing themselves as a perennial basketball power by their consistent top 25 ranking but for a few years they were ranked because of their name. Let's face it. We will have a few upsets and maybe one of those 5-12 matchups that seemingly always gives us an upset makes it through to 16. They usually see the magic die. Sure as a fan I want to see UNC lose but I would much prefer to see them in the Final Four throwing haymakers with Uconn or Pitt. I would rather see the elite 8 filled with the top 8 teams in the nation slugging it out. Upsets are great for the school that is involved. It is great for the fans until their happiness turns to sadness when they find out that Cleveland St. has upset UCONN and now your elite 8 matchup is CL St. vs Oklahoma and not UConn. I know...then win the game! I feel genuinely good for the teams who pull the upset. I am happy for them and would not be upset if they made a deep run but I am just saying the tourney for me is about the heavy weight programs throwing round house rights at each other. This is the one argument I understand when it comes to College Football. We get heavyweights for the BCS games. Yes an occassional Boise St. gets in but for the most part we get the best teams in the nation battling each other. I want UConn, Pitt, UNC, Oklahoma, Louisville, Kansas etc... Big time coaches with big time players getting after each other. Call me a front runner but I will watch the Dodgers play the Mets. The Royals playing the A's...ehhhhhh? Texas vs. UCLA absolutely! Butler vs. Temple...I'll pass. So let the upsets happen but when it get's down to it and when 8 are left standing let's get the wanna bes out and have the best teams in the nation battling for the National Championship. I will leave you with this analogy. The hot lady you meet one night while on business out of town is fun and exciting and could give you a night to remember but your real love and excitement is your wife and kids at home. Cleveland St. may be sexy and exciting for a brief time but Oklahoma vs. Pitt is where it is at!!!


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