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Posted on: March 29, 2009 9:58 pm

Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer ever.  He is creating a legacy that no one will rival.  People stop hating and stop rooting for him to fail and just enjoy this.  This is the guy you are tell your grandchild about.  He bought back the PGA Tour to be relevant in 3 tournaments.  People flock to watch him.  He is the event!  I made the mistake of not appreciating Jordan cause of my loyalty to the Celtics and constantly arguing " he takes so many shots" "he gets every call"!  Thank god for espn classic!  I now watch it and appreciate it and actually watch what he does and wow he was good.  So people enjoy what you are watching cause Tiger is not on a good stretch.  He is dominating a sport the way Babe Ruth did baseball.  The way Lance Armstrong did the Tour de France.  The way the Celtics did the NBA.  There is no comparison to any thing Tiger is doing in his sport today.  He wins at a 30% clip in golf!  That is ridiculous.  Was there even a doubt he was going to make that putt?  You expected it.  He does great things at such great moments.  He absolutely made O'hair feel uneasy all day.  His prescense is amazing.  Hitting knowing he is watching you.   It is a boat  load of pressure and golfer after golfer just crumbles.  A 5 shot lead?  That is like a 30 point lead in basketball.  UP 6 going into the 9th.  If O'Hair shoots par then he forces a 65 to beat him!  He has 66 career victories and he is in the prime of his career right now and probly for another 5 years.  I am going to enjoy this!  Sundays now are fun again and the majors now have Tiger back.  Imagine August 9 right now!  The Masters is oh so close and isn't just like Tiger to walk in and rip apart that course.  Send a statement!  I know I know I may be over reacting but really look at what I said.  Are you going to be the person that once again doubts and doesn't enjoy what he does when he plays.  For me I am going into to this ready to see something special.  This is the most dominant man in all of sports.  No one dominates his sport better and so efficiently.



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yup....will watch the evil empire ESPN and see the cry cause Tiger did not win, everyone has there head so far up tigers ass they can't see and other player...always tiger this, tiger that. Im sorry Jack is still the best there was and played with inferior clubs that tiger is playing with

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